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The system of training at Zaporozhye State Medical University includes the premedical, medical and post-diploma period of training. The premedical education is provided at the preparatory department for foreign citizens, which is the oldest one in the countries of CIS. It is the center of foreign students' training for further studies in other higher educational establishments of Ukraine . The training of foreign students and their specializations is carried out at two departments: medical and pharmaceutical. At the Medical faculty the training is provided in the following specialties:
  • General Medicine. Qualification: Physician. Training term - 6 years.
  • Pediatrics. Qualification: Physician. Training term - 6 years.
  • Laboratory diagnostics. Qualification: Laboratory assistant bachelor. Training term 4 years.
  • Nursing. Qualification: Medical nurse bachelor. Training term 4 years. At the Pharmaceutical faculty students are trained for the specialties:
  • Pharmacy. Qualification: Pharmacist. Training term 5 years.
  • Technology of perfume-cosmetic preparations.
    Qualification: Pharmacist cosmetologist. Training term 5 years. Foreign students are being trained at the preparatory department and then at the main departments of the University.

    Post-diploma education includes the training in the internship, magistrates, clinical studies, specialized post graduate courses on 29 medical specialties and in refresher courses for doctors and pharmacists. About 70 professors and doctors of science, about 300 assistant-professors and candidates of science, the academicians of native Academies, Honorary workers of science and engineering, Honorary workers of higher institutions of Ukraine, State prize winners are engaged in pedagogical and scientific-research work at 52 chairs of the University. The total number of teachers with scientific degrees is above 81,3%. At many chairs their total number is 100%.


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